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Club Manager

Club Manager is a football board game coming to Kickstarter soon. You will have full control over your club – from signing players to building facilities and playing matches! Your decisions will shape the success, or failure, of your club…

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This game combines simplicity and complexity into a wonderful blend that every football fan and board game player will enjoy. The choices open to the manager, who with limited funds, must decide how best to develop his team and club, are myriad.

The game looks good and plays well, but the most important aspect for anyone in football is the match resolution. Yes, skill plays a part in selecting the right squad of players but luck plays its part too.


I think the determining of a match with the rolls and cards is great as you find yourself scouting your next opponent and making tweaks to your line-up/formation to expose the opposition.

I like the variety of players and abilities they can bring, which feels weird to say when they have 1 ability. But finding the right balance of versatile players with flair players, walls etc is simple but effective.


Similar to their previous great matchday game Counter Attack, Club Manager is a deeply immersive football management sim with some unique elements and the brilliant thinking we’ve come to expect from Webstar Games.

It’s accessible to anyone whilst also being addictive and fun and the match playing process is by far the best I’ve ever seen in a football board game.

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Picton Albion Fulwell United Oxton City Woodburn Rovers

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